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Travel with us where we explore the world with our four kids during holidays. We give honest observations and opinions on travel destinations, hotels, flights, and delicious food or experiences.


Me and Her

Me, a professional policy maker doing over 18 years of office time and love everything about travel from aircraft engine to beach sand. My wife, a professional dentist who loves everything about food from pans to cooking.


Me and Them

Each One of them has a part of me and each replicates me in their own way. I embrace every beautiful detail of my shared experiences with these 4 copies of my soul and I would love to share with you as well.


The Flying Geese

As a child, I had a dream that seemed to visit me constantly, like an old friend eager to share its magic with me almost every other night. In this mesmerizing reverie, I find myself just like a migrating goose gracefully taking flight. The dream unfolded with gentle allure as I ran across the water's surface, feeling the thrill of wing waving and weightlessness beneath my feet. It was my very first feel of flight, and it ignited a profound fascination for travel within me. Through this enchanting dream, I discovered a connection to the freedom of exploration, forever etched a love for adventure and wanderlust deep within my heart. Even as the years passed, and new dreams came and went, that soaring journey to keep travelling across boundless horizons remained unforgettable part of me.

Wings and Engines

Ever since my first time aboard a DC3 as a wide-eyed 5-year-old, a deep and unrelenting obsession with wings and engines has taken root within me. That exhilarating flight awakened a passion that has guided my entire life. From that day forward, I became a devoted wings geek, delving into the intricate world of airplanes, their diverse types, and captivating designs. As I grew older, my fascination only intensified. Today, I proudly declare myself a self-proclaimed avgeek, forever captivated by the enchanting harmony between wings, engines, and the boundless sky clouds, and blue waters, fueling my love for travel.


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spread your wings, keep travelling!